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Farm Market

Carters’ Market


Carter’s Red Wagon Farm Market has changed hands in the family and is now operating as Carters’ Market, owned by Mark and Beth Carter.  Our farm fresh, organic-raised, non-GMO produce is still available in season at the Market, along with our hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed beef born and raised on Red Wagon Farm — so stop by and check out the new ownership, new changes, and enjoy our delicious produce straight from the Farm!

Come enjoy our authentic farm market experience, from hardwood shelves overflowing with your favorite jams and jellies, Amish noodles, tomato sauces, fruit syrups, desert mixes, salsas, and more to our locally grown farm fresh produce and hormone-free, grass fed beef.

We have local honey and maple syrup, wild rice, organic milk, and your favorite snacks and pickled treats.

For some, Carters’ Market is a step back to gentler times when the Fish Hook River was still running rapids through our town, and travelers came to farm markets to stock up on supplies and enjoy a friendly visit. For others, the Market is a new and intriguing opportunity to experience fresher tastes and healthier eating.

Strawberries and Shortcakes

During berry season, you’ll want to buy lots of fresh strawberries so you have enough left over to freeze for special treats. We also have delicious shortcake mixes and glazes to turn them into the perfect dessert!  And after the strawberries are over, pop in for other local grown berries.

Pick up some  popcorn, browse lots of fascinating cookbooks…just plan to spend some time, you’ll be glad you did!

About Our Farm Market Building


This is a genuine, authentic post-and-beam timber frame building.  It was planned and constructed by the Carter family in the manner used in this country and in the Old World for many centuries.

The timbers used were grown on Carter’s Red Wagon Farm, and then the trees were harvested and hauled to local sawmills.  The timbers were cut and fitted in the heated farm shop during the winter of 1993-1994.  They were marked and dismantled in sections or “bents” and stored inside until summer, when they were hauled to this site and erected.  The main framework was erected in about one hour and fastened in place with wooden pegs.  No nails were used.  The time-consuming work of cutting and fitting joints (“joinery”) had been completed in the shop.

The authenticity and quality of construction in this barn are in keeping with our dedication as a family to provide locally-produced, quality products for our customers.  We hope you enjoy your visit.