Minnesota products from :
  • Watkins
  • Green Hill Farms
  • Pop'd Kerns
  • Cannon River
  • North Aire Market
  • Jake's Maple and Fruit Syrups
  • Elk River Box Company
  • Christmas Point Wild Rice products
  • Ray Puetz's wild rice from Brainerd
  • Dan's Honey
  • HHH Honey
  • A fun collection of books published by Adventure Publications

You'll love our sweet variety of over 50 varieties of jams, jellies, marmalades, and fruit syrups, including a great selection of sugar-free, juice sweetened jams and jellies.  Don't forget our dessert mixes!

Like the savory side of things?  We have dozens of salsa varieties, hummus, bbq sauces, pickled items, Amish-made noodles, and more.

Want to have a treat?  Check out our Swann's ice cream treats or the goodies on the snack wagon.  There is something for everyone!

And we can't forget the organic milk, half and half, and cream (when available) from Crystal Ball Farms in Wisconsin.

Like to cook?  You're sure to find a cookbook (or 10!) that "must" be added to your collection.
  • Carters' own farm freshproduce and hormone-free grass-fed beef