Greetings from the Carter family. We are looking forward to another year of hard work as stewards of the soil we have been entrusted with.

We hope that our fruits and vegetables will provide for you and your family in a special way knowing that you are buying directly from a farm family. We grow most of our quality fruits and vegetables right on our farm southwest of Park Rapids where you can pick your own strawberries in late June through mid-July.

 At our Farm Market east of Park Rapids, you can select from our own plants and a variety of fresh produce, unique canned and packaged foods, jams and jellies, snacks, crafts, and other interesting items.

Enjoy our Pumpkin Parties this year at our Farm southwest of downtown Park Rapids the last Saturday in September and each Saturday in October. Bring the whole family for the mazes, rides, pumpkin propeller, and more fun for all ages.

Even as we're committed to continuing our tradition of growing the best quality fresh foods for the benefit of our community, we are constantly looking to the future and applying innovative new ways to serve you better.

We hope to see you at Carter's soon!
This website is an ongoing and ever-changing work in progress.  We are still working on some of the linked pages such as different recipes and others.  If you have recipes or other information that you would like to share with us for this website, or if you find an error while browsing through the following information, please email us and let us know.  We'd love to hear from you!  The information on the following pages was compiled from a variety of souces....friends, family, public information, and more.  Where possible, credit has always been given to the source.
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Check us out on Lakeland TV (Bemidji PBS Station) Thursday, April 10, at 7:00 p.m. for our feature on Common Ground.  Don't live in the area?  You can still watch us live by going to (look for the Common Ground links) or watch it on demand in high def any time afterwards.

We are so excited to see more of the ground and less of the snow....but this past winter weather didn't slow us down at all!  Our 2014 maze is designed, the information sheets and quiz written, the new wagon ride planned, and lots of other exciting things are in the works for our 2014 Pumpkin Party!  We also have tomato plants getting ready to go into the high tunnels, many other seeds started and growing in our greenhouses...and new calves are being born!

We are also pleased to announce that we will be offering a VERY limited amount of CSA shares this year to see how things go and if this is something we will be doing more of in the future.  If you are interested, please send us an email.  Further details are being worked out, but - I am working on putting together the information in an easy-to-read format-- what produce we are planting that will be included and when it is  usually ready, drop off days, etc. -- but basically prices will be $500 for a full share, $300 for a half share, and $550 for a staggered full share (two pick-ups/half bushels per week) -- with a minimum of half the payment due on sign up and the second half due no later than June 30.

We are hoping for a 20 week season, weather depending, which may be shortened or lengthened by  few weeks either way. We are figuring the "a la carte" price on just the basic produce included in a full share will be at least $650 for the year, giving our CSA members a savings of at least $150 while getting the first and best of our crops. Should we have excess crops (which has often been the case, thank God), our CSA members will share in that additional excess, at no additional charge.  More details will be posted soon.

Have you liked us on Facebook yet?  -- you will find our most-up-to-date information there, especially during the summer when we run unadvertised sales, bring in first-of-the-season crops, and more.

Check out the Finding Minnesota feature done on us!

We are working on some email issues -- when sending us an email, you may get an undeliverable message -- we don't know why because your emails ARE coming through.  We are working on this issue with our website provider.
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